Event Organizers use DIGITALGUESTLIST to reach an active, multi-ethnic audience with high consumption patterns across an array of event types ranging from nightclubs to cultural events to political campaigns. We reach your target audience where most other mediums can't and deliver a large audience in which to promote your marketing initiatives.

Use DIGITALGUESTLIST as a cornerstone to your next advertising campaign. It is our mission to drive traffic to your next event. Read below for more details.

Basic Event Listings on Our Social RSVP Platform

Our RSVP platform influences people to attend mid to high-end events (like yours) and provides marketing analytics on these same people. It's really cool because we categorize events in niche communities (we call them social circles) making it extremely easy for like-minded people to find your events. No more searching through tons of emails, over 10 websites, and a bunch of text messages. Now, people can find your event in one place – on DIGITALGUESTLIST.

How much you say? Free. No cost. Nothing. Nada. All it takes is five minutes to get your event listed on our site. And, again, the best part is that it costs you absolutely nothing!

You may list your event in up to three Social Circles – meaning you can target three different crowds for your event. For example, your event may be for people who like to attend live music events but who are also really into high-fashion and like art shows. Just list your event in those three Social Circles and you are done.

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Premium Placement Event Listings on Our Social RSVP Platform

You can give your event the extra attention it deserves by making it a Featured Event in each social circle.

Branded Pages, RSVP Forms, & Sponsorships

We are able to customize your public profile and event pages with your logo and color scheme. Please call for a quote.

The Blog @

The Blog @ is dedicated to giving people an inside look into the universe of high-quality events. In addition to analyzing events, we profile the people who make a significant impact in this space. Our blog is a great way to give your company or event extra attention. To access our blog, click here.

Dedicated E-mails

Dedicated E-mails (solo e-mails ) individually highlight your event, special promotion, flyer, website links, etc. Because of focused reader attention, dedicated e-mails usually generate higher response rates than e-Newsletter listings, and may be sent to local, regional, or national markets. Once you post your event to the platform, please call or e-mail us about scheduling your next Dedicated E-mail.

Online Event Ticketing

We understand many consumers are often too busy to run around town to buy advance tickets at local retailers. We also understand without locking a potential patron into attending your event by having them buy advance tickets, they may get sidetracked – meaning lost revenue for you. To solve these problems, we offer Online Event Ticketing to our existing suite of products and services. We strive to maintain a system that is easy to use and free to the event organizer while continuing to offer a broad range of accounting and reporting features. Using our website, consumers can purchase tickets for your next event using any major credit card in less than 10 minutes! Increase your revenue without any extra effort! Start selling tickets for events today by clicking here.

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