Take a moment to peek inside the team at DIGITALGUESTLIST. Here you will learn about our leadership, team and most importantly our passion and desire to make event marketing more science than art.

At DIGITALGUESTLIST, we passionately believe analysis and insight lies at the heart of improving the social experience for millions of people worldwide. So the opportunity going forward is to blend the art and the science of event marketing in a seamless approach to improve the user experience. Our goal is to make event marketing 80% science and 20% art.

It is important to understand that there are already thousands of people in cities across the US who would love to attend events they just don’t know about…yet. Our new RSVP platform influences users to attend mid to high-end events by categorizing them into niche communities (we call them social circles). This makes it extremely easy for like-minded people to find events. No more searching through tons of emails, over 10 websites, and a bunch of text messages.